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100 billion transactions have been made on the decentralized blockchain Solana

Dave - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

On September 22nd, Solana reached 100 billion transactions. As of this writing, Solana has 3,718 TPS, a block height of 137,069,392, and a slot time of 496ms (1 min average).

Solana began operations two years ago and has since gained a lot of traction in the DeFi and NFT industries. Solana has emerged as one of Ethereum's rivals thanks to the network's cheaper and faster solutions.

Solana's daily transactions increased during the second quarter (Q2), hitting a total of more than 40 million daily transactions compared to about one million transactions per day on Ethereum between April and June, according to Nansen's State of the Quarter Report. Despite having more volatility than Ethereum, Solana's daily non-vote transactions showed a noticeable rise in volume. A rise in the total number of wallets from about 400,000 wallets to over one million wallets, at the end of May 2022, helped Solana record a range of between 100 million to 200 million transactions per day.

Similar to how Solana users saved money on gas in the second quarter of 2022 compared to Ethereum users. Despite several problems and outages, Solana Network Gas also improved its environment and network. The growth of Solana was also a result of a series of investments made in mid-2022 to advance the GameFi, DeFi and NFT ecosystems.

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