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4 Ways to Start Bitcoin Investing and Earning Altcoins Passively

By Max Steadman – Cryptocurrency Speculator

The digital asset market has created a new financial ecosystem that can offer people multiple earning options. Over the years, increased profits have been made possible for token investors without high-risk price swings. We outline four alternative ways to earn digital assets without participating in cryptocurrency trading directly. These are listed below:

Staking and Validating

Staking is a user-friendly option for those seeking to build their crypto portfolio. This system type enables token holders to 'stake' their crypto assets in a wallet to receive rewards in the form of newly mined coins. Recently, some of the foremost exchanges have begun to provide cryptocurrency staking alternatives.

Copy Trading

The principle is rather basic and instead of dealing with the necessary intricacies to buy and sell cryptocurrency, you copy the trading actions of professionals. Technically still a type of trading, its lower risk nature can help newer users enter the space.

Credit Card's Cashback

Socios.com created the world's first 'fan engagement' app. As part of their launch, they offered users the opportunity to accumulate their Fan Tokens from their favorite clubs and Chiliz tokens ($CHZ) by registering for 'More Than A Fan' Visa debit card. This brings with it a selection of incentives to earn cash-back rewards.

Web Browsing

The concept of earning cryptocurrency alongside an activity you already do is quite appealing. An open-source decentralized and privacy-driven web browser is addressing just this. The Brave platform has reshaped the monetization of user attention by modelling their browser to reward users when opting to view online adverts. Users will be paid in the networks native currency the Basic Attention Token (BAT) which their browser wallet will store automatically.

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