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A News Cryptocurrency Trading Tool has been released By Coindar

A brand-new service has been introduced by Coindar: The cryptocurrency calendar. The service allows people to have a direct channel to developers who can use the platform the to post milestones, updates and general information about projects. A comprehensive platform for those looking to sell crypto.

The crypto space is heavily dependent on twitter to spread news and Coindar has utilised this by developing a social media analytics tool. By following 1600 blockchain developers, the tool can map crypto activity on Twitter, providing investors with real-time information to cash out crypto.

The software will track tweets and the related coin to provide statistical analysis around the hype of a project, ranking cryptocurrencies by the community size. The tool gives an insight into the health of the market; suggesting opportunities to sell or buy crypto.

It’s been suggested that some of the biggest investors in cryptocurrency use analytics similar to Coindar’s tool by looking at the Twitter feed as well as other social media platforms.

Are are looking to buy bitcoin? You could use the tool to help determine a better entry point to make your purchase. You can then do the same when selling bitcoin depending on the market sentiment.

You can even make a forecast which the system will automatically update with current market data - showing you how accurate you were. The tool has a fun feature that will rank your prediction against others.

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