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Alibaba Holds Most of the Crypto Patents Amidst a 'Skyrocketing' Year of Blockchain Patents in 2020

By Max Steadman – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

A Kisspatent team analysis reveals that the Alibaba Company is the most significant blockchain patent holder in 2020, acquiring ten times the number of patents owned by IBM. The study reports that blockchain patents "are skyrocketing" this year and so far in 2020, ledger technologies and cryptocurrency patents are on the rise and have become widely adopted in comparison to the whole of 2019.

Kisspatent's new analysis reveals that Alibaba Group was the leading organisation this year with a substantial blockchain patent filing, while IBM also jumped up hugely. The Chinese multinational technology corporation Alibaba Group is the largest blockchain patent holder, followed by the financial organisation, Bank of America (BoA). Though Alibaba and IBM were the top two patent filing rivals for blockchain in 2020, Alibaba outstripped IBM by 10 times and 3 times more blockchain patents have already been issued this year than in 2018.

In terms of blockchain patents owned respectively after IBM, is Mastercard, Nchain, and Walmart. The study by Kisspatent observed that distributed ledger-specific and/or cryptocurrency trading businesses did not represent top blockchain patent holders. Kisspatent points out that Nchain's statements are based on numbers reported in a press release, but "[the number] may include many that haven’t published yet, plus they may be counting international applications filed in multiple countries as separate patent application filings,” says Graeser.

The Graeser list seems limited since it does not contain businesses such as Reechain, Webank, and Tencent. Chinadaily.com reveals that these three Chinese corporations are the most significant blockchain patent holders in China. According to figures from the regional publication, IBM has 240 blockchain patents, Rechain 279, Webank 282, and Nchain have a total of 402 patents. The list of Chinadaily.com reveals that Tencent has a broad distribution of the 724-to-date ledger patents. With 1,505 blockchain patent files, Alibaba Group remains the patent king.

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