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APENFT Partners with Tron for Future Projects

By Luke F - Crypto Expert - 03-11-2021


In recent crypto news, art investor in the cryptocurrency trading industry APENFT (NFT) has partnered with Tron (TRX) Foundation. APENFT is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace with the long-awaited goal to register world-class art pieces on blockchain networks. The partnership between APENFT and Tron as reported through Coindesk, is set to support the NFT industry with a $100 million fund. The funding raised between the two companies is dubbed as the Art Dream Fund with a goal to obtain the "stories'' behind the art while also adding culture to the metaverse.

APENFT has a native cryptocurrency that operates on the Tron and Ethereum (ETH) networks. Users can buy APENFT crypto tokens to help govern the platform where the community can discuss and expand on new features. Enthusiasts looking to buy and sell APENFT tokens can find it available at popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The marketplace aims to be seen as the ARK Star fund for the NFT industry as it continues to support the art community and bring pieces to the metaverse. The metaverse is a digital universe that is created through a significant number of virtual worlds and augmented reality. The metaverse is a relatively new global subject that many companies are grabbing their chance to dip their toes in the virtual water as the world gets excited about meta and APENFT is one of the many businesses looking to utilise this properly.

APENFT will provide added support and legal protection to artists with guidance from both APENFT and Tron. Legal protection can be solved by tokenising artworks and registering them on blockchain networks. Currently, APENFT is hosting themed art submissions on social media platform Twitter with the first theme available "Second Life." Artists who want to participate will need to create digital art pieces in a digital parallel life theme.

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