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Aurory Demonstrates the Look of Your NFT Characters in Game

In some ways, blockchain games have altered the gaming industry's regulations. Players in conventional gaming have been wary of the "early access" financing approach, as well as crowdsourcing. Of course, many innovative initiatives that have breathed fresh life into the business have only been possible because of this funding approach. On the other side, there have been plenty of early-stage crowdfunding flops lacking crypto asset management finesse.

Blockchain gaming, on the other hand, has had the opposite effect. Even before exhibiting any gameplay, the developers of such companies distribute tokens and NFT packets. Holders of their crypto and NFTs will be the first to get alpha/beta access to the game in this fashion. Given the decentralised nature of some crypto games, this might be considered a genuine structure, as the players will be the ones who will be designing the game in many respects. On the other side, some creators use the in-game skills of the aforementioned NFTs to deceive their players, with some even inventing game ideas to subsequently initiate unforeseen rugpull, the process of cashing out cryptocurrency to the detriment of the price and project.

Since it was one of the first games on the Solana blockchain, Aurory has been under development for quite some time. So far, the project has released many gameplay videos and collected a crew of 28 individuals, some of which have worked on major games like 'Prince of Persia,' 'Assassin's Creed,' and 'Far Cry,' among others. They've now revealed how your NFT characters, which were previously only available in 2D, would appear in Aurory's 3D world.

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