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Binance Card Is Now Available And Can Be Activated In App

By Mark - Crypto Professional - 03-11-2021

One of the most popular companies that allow investors to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) and trade crypto has released its own card that users can activate in-app. Binance, a globally significant crypto exchange, are now allowing users to start their new Binance cards through the funding wallet. According to the Binance team, users will be able to purchase items with their new Binance cards at no extra costs and fees. Once the card has been activated through the funding wallet section, the card can link their Binance wallet to their cards. Reportedly, investors can move their crypto-assets into their funding wallets which can be swapped and used for payment anytime the user wishes.

Despite the fact that the Binance crypto debit card had been released quite some time ago, the company wanted to create a new feature to make it easier for investors to activate their cards. The large cryptocurrency exchange platform appears to be merging its many wallets and sections to the native funding wallet. The merge is to create an easier-to-use platform for improved customer experience.

The news is just an added bonus for Binance cardholders as they can also enjoy no added fees if they build up their crypto portfolio while using the card. Users are able to exchange their crypto funds whenever they decide to make a payment. Furthermore, to top off customers' benefits with the Binance card, the crypto exchange has promised at least 8% cashback to qualified customers.

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