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Binance Funding Over 40 Developers to Make Open-Source Crypto Software

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Professional

Binance, the Malta-based crypto exchange is looking to go further with its research into open-source blockchain development.

For that reason, Binance X was revealed on Thursday. It is funding over 40 developers who are conducting research in open-source crypto software. These platforms in development could be used to help users buy and sell Bitcoin. This platform hopes to collaborate with the Binance ecosystem by providing them resources to projects at various development stages and utilise blockchain “evangelists” to encourage education.

Binance X is offering promising developers a fellowship program that is focused on research and development on open-source blockchain software. As of now, over 40 developers have signed on, but the funding for the developers was not revealed. Funding could be used to develop applications for those that may buy and sell cryptocurrency, as more functionality is needed. Applications for the platform are being accepted on a rolling basis.

Binance X is built to serve as a cryptocurrency-based counterpart to X Development, which is the research and development subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Apart from offering financial aid, Binance X is even rolling out educational initiatives for both developers and the public.

Head of Binance X, Teck Chia, made the following statement:

“The Binance X team will help educate, create opportunities for collaborations and jumpstart the growth of these projects via the different programs and resources we have at Binance.”

All initiatives can be seen to help increase crypto buying and adoption and many other corporations are looking to do the same.

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