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Bitcoin Ordinals NFT Trading Volume Plunges by 98% Since May

David - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

Recent data from DappRadar has revealed a significant and concerning drop-in user activity within the Bitcoin Ordinals non fungible tokens (NFT) ecosystem. The NFT trading volumes associated with Bitcoin Ordinals have plummeted by an astonishing 98% since the month of May, pointing to a substantial decline in engagement.

DappRadar's report, published on August 17, highlights that the total sales volume of trusted Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs has undergone a stark decline. From its peak at $452 million in May, the sales volume has diminished to approximately $3 million by August 14.

Coinciding with this drastic reduction in trading volumes, the number of transactions within the Bitcoin Ordinals NFT market has also experienced a dramatic decline of about 97%, dropping to 20,571 within the same time frame.

DappRadar's analysis characterizes this situation as a concerning state for the Ordinals market. While acknowledging that market dynamics might account for fluctuations in sales volume, the substantial and consistent drop in transaction count raises more significant questions. This decline suggests a potential waning enthusiasm and perhaps reduced confidence in Bitcoin-based NFT coins. The report highlights that the dwindling transaction count could signify broader challenges faced by Bitcoin Ordinals, prompting doubts about its long-term viability and relevance within the NFT crypto landscape.

The report notes that Bitcoin Ordinals experienced a period of intense hype during the second quarter, marked by remarkable surges in trading volumes and user activity compared to the first quarter of 2023.

A significant factor influencing the sustainability of Bitcoin Ordinals appears to be the division within the Bitcoin community regarding the integration of NFTs onto the network. This stands in contrast to platforms like Ethereum and other blockchains where such issues aren't as pronounced. Some members of the Bitcoin community view the cryptocurrency primarily as "digital gold," advocating for its role as a store of value. Conversely, Ethereum is often referred to as "digital oil," reflecting its role in fuelling the digital economy.

The forthcoming months will hold significant importance in determining whether Bitcoin Ordinals can establish a lasting presence in the evolving NFT landscape or if it will revert to its primary function as a store of value.

As per data from CryptoSlam, the Bitcoin network currently ranks seventh in terms of NFT sales volume over the past 30 days. During this period, the network has generated $14.6 million from 21,989 buyers, underscoring the ongoing dynamics within the Bitcoin NFT market.


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