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Blockchain Gaming Will Launch a New Play-to-Earn Game G4AL

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  • According to rumors, G4AL will soon release a brand-new free-to-play game with incredible visuals
  • The creator of this soon-to-be-released game is Manel Sort, CEO of G4AL
  • It will be an alternative version of Elemental Raiders, a separate free-to-play game

Manel Sort, the CEO and co-founder of Games for a Living, is allegedly working on a new free-to-play game with a focus on stunning visuals and gripping narratives (G4AL). Elemental Raiders, a free-to-play PvP and PvE game, will be the unique version of the game.

The new game's in-game asset transactions will be facilitated via the G4AL private blockchain. According to Sort, one of the creators of Candy Crush, lowering the barrier to entry in terms of price was one of the causes that expanded the global gaming audience beyond its previous bounds. “Free-to-play game developers had first intended to appeal to a core gaming audience, but by doing away with the requirement for a down payment, we wound up attracting gamers who wouldn't have otherwise played games.”

Sort continued by saying that combining fun base games with extra in-game purchases attracts more gamers. Additionally, in-app purchase money provides game creators with continued funds to create new features and update the game over time.

The three most popular games of all time, according to reports, are all free-to-play games. On mobile platforms, where free-to-play games with in-app purchases really took off, the model's attraction is even more evident, with games like PUBG Mobile having 1.1 billion downloads since its introduction in 2018.

Blockchain gaming is made available to users worldwide through Games for a Living. It develops, distributes, and facilitates blockchain games that provide players with enjoyment, amusement, and aesthetically amazing visuals like those seen in traditional AAA games. These games may include elements like Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or tokens.

With the advent of blockchain technology, seasoned game developers are collaborating to usher in a new era of play-to-earn games. To familiarize yourself with current play-to-earn games that are available at this very moment we recommend visiting a cryptocurrency exchange platform called BCBitcoin. One of the best crypto buying sites where you can learn more about the new emerging trends, cryptocurrency projects, cryptocurrency trading or NFT market.

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