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Bug Hunting With Cardano, New ADA Bug Bounty Program Is Up And Running

By Mark L - Cryptocurrency Investor - 01-09-2021


Cardano (ADA) recently released a new scheme designed for ethical hackers. The new program is a bug hunting plan that reaches out to white and grey hat hackers who can freely hack the Cardano system. The reason for the latest bug-hunting launch is for Cardano to test its security system and to patch any holes within the network. By utilising hackers, Cardano will be able to discover any technical flaws that they were unable to find internally.

Cardano is a public decentralised blockchain platform with a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. The platform is able to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions by utilising its native crypto coin ADA. Users can buy Cardano ADA to use it as a secure exchange of value without a third party. Crypto investors can buy ADA at popular cryptocurrency trading platforms.

The Cardano Foundation published a blog post to say that they are teaming up with HackerOne, a security firm for hackers to set the bug hunting plan in motion. The company is asking for hackers to help the Cardano network discover its overlooked and unseen flaws within the system to help build the most reliable and secure blockchain available. According to Cardano, teaming up with the hacking firm will help build security and public safety for its stakeholders. HackerOne provides companies with a large network of ethical hackers that are from the US Department of Defense.

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