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Can KuCoin Token Prepare Itself for The Future?

By Ollie - Crypto Professional - 12-11-2021


KuCoin (KCS) is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms that allow investors to buy, sell, and trade crypto assets. Recently, the platform's native crypto market investment, KCS, has hit a new all-time high record of $22.5. However, what is this indicating for token holders?

KCS has been known for its impressive growth and statistics since its debut in 2017. Holders of KCS have often been happy with tokens and have always had a reason to smile, more so if investors held at least 6 KCS. If holders obtained more than 6 KCS tokens, this means that they receive a 50% bonus on their profits. The latest achievements with the price to buy KuCoin KCS further proves that holders are now bringing in more profit than they had previously. The only question now is, will these continuous uplifting results from KCS still ring true far into the future

Of course, it is undeniable that not only has KCS come a long way, but the token still has a long distance to go. However, the bonuses and benefits of the coin provide some indication that there are still a lot of good things coming up. Another advantage is that investors who buy KCS tokens receive a 20% discount on transaction fees when trading on the exchange. The benefits continue as KuCoin partners with Travala to offer KCS holders worldwide hotel bookings.

KCS is the native token of crypto exchange KuCoin and allows KCS holders to receive 50% daily bonuses. When the token first debuted in 2017, KCS had a total supply of 200 million, however, for the coin to continue its growth, the company launched a buyback scheme to burn 50% of its tokens. The strategy worked to boost the coin's price in the market.

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