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Chainalysis Firm Seeking to Expand Their Partnerships

By Max Steadman – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

Chainalysis has been working as one of the most high-profiled analytics firms for a long time in the industry of blockchain intelligence. Based in New York, the firm aim to work with and develop investigative tools for its operations to expand their data collecting capabilities. This utility allows companies and governments to monitor buying and selling Bitcoin transactions and confront suspected unlawful activity.

Currently, Chainalysis is launching the most important partnership program. This will enhance and widen its business and intelligence capabilities will expand. The chief revenue officer Jason Bonds categorizes the partners of the program into three divisions:

Firstly, the firm will explore partner opportunities with companies offering expertise in compliance. Key crypto infrastructure platforms will enhance “cryptocurrency transaction monitoring via simpler integration”. Secondly, Chainalysis is requesting innovative distribution partners present in existing markets and further afield.  When speaking to Cointelegraph, Bonds announced two such collaborations – Carasoft, a IT software provider and M.Tech, a Singapore-based cybersecurity corporation.

Thirdly, the analytics firm also seek to develop their own intelligence capabilities by working alongside other data collecting providers. The M.Tech’s chief financial officer Rayson Lim has high spirits to fulfill the rising demand for law enforcement for cryptocurrency investigative software with Chainalysis.

Chainalysis performs regular data research into the cryptocurrency trading sector. In recent months, the firm reported on the changing behavioral patterns of users during the Covid-19 pandemic for example, as well as the overall market downturn. Other partners will be revealed soon and additional news regarding the partnership program, including a partner directory, will be released publicly in the coming weeks.

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