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Chinese Company Telco Proposes Digital ID System for Metaverse Integration: Impact and Implications

CJ - Cryptocurrency Specialist

Chinese-based company Telco has put forth an ambitious proposal to introduce a digital ID system that aims to integrate all Chinese citizens into the metaverse. This proposed system would enable individuals to establish their virtual identities and share personal information with authorities, a move that could have far-reaching implications for privacy and digital rights.

The proposed digital ID system by Telco envisions using virtual reality to identify Chinese citizens within the metaverse. This would involve the collection and sharing of personal data, including occupation details, with government authorities. Additionally, the stored data could potentially be utilized by virtual reality police to identify individuals involved in criminal activities within the digital realm.

One notable aspect of the proposal is its focus on regulating citizens' behaviour within the metaverse. The system would rank and score individuals based on their behaviour, suggesting a social credit-like mechanism that could influence how citizens interact and engage in virtual spaces.

Telco's proposal has been discussed with the International Telecommunication Union, a UN metaverse group, and is set for a vote in October. If approved, this move would position China at the forefront of metaverse integration, emphasizing the country's keen interest in virtual reality technologies.

The proposal also underscores the broader global trend of countries exploring metaverse-related technologies and regulations, highlighting the growing significance of virtual spaces in our digital age. As discussions around metaverse governance and digital identity continue to evolve, the implications of such proposals on privacy, surveillance, and individual rights remain crucial considerations.

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