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Circle Invest Expands Listing to include EOS, Stellar, 0x and Qtum to its App Platform

Circle Invest have added four new assets to its app platform as published through their blog. This means users can now sell EOS, Stellar, 0x and Qtum bringing their offering up to 11 assets in total. For a mobile app this is quite a diverse array of crypto they offer.

The four assets have been introduced due to their potential to supply infrastructure to the cryptocurrency industry. Before a project can sell crypto through the platform, they must apply via the Circle Asset Framework in which listings are prioritised dependent on the opportunity they provide.

The circle application process is broken down into five sections: Fundamentals, Technology, People, Business Model and Market Dynamics. A project looking to sell crypto does not have to address all the requirements but must show progress and development toward contributing to the crypto ecosystem.

Circle Invest realise and see the opportunity to educate customers on the assets they’re offering as each crypto has different functionalities and value. Circle offer to sell Litecoin and Ethereum, yet the assets have very different functional uses. Circle is addressing this by introducing ‘Explore’ which is a feature to inform customers on crypto.

A new user looking to start buying and selling crypto would be able to utilise Explore to gather some information about the project and make an informed decision. Circle Invest will provide some information on the new assets they are listing.

Circle Invest is a major player in the crypto space that is easing the barriers investing in digital assets. Their mobile platform is one of the most developed apps available to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

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