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Coinbase Hires New Chief Compliance Officer, Jeff Horowitz

On the 31st July 2018, Coinbase announced appointment of a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Jeff Horowitz, bringing 12 years of experience working at Pershing LLC, a large provider of brokerage custody, settlement and clearing solutions. Creating this new position echoes the company’s commitments to compliance. With this move we could see Coinbase cementing themselves for future markets as the place to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Coinbase has marketed itself as ‘the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency service’ and hiring Horowitz suggests their continued commitment to compliance and trust. The appointment of Horowitz will be invaluable to Coinbase as they continue to add new services such as Coinbase Custody and the recently acquired licensed broker-dealer for OTC Bitcoin for a large Bitcoin purchase.

Horowitz has an extensive background in compliance with previous positions such as global head of compliance, chief compliance officer and global head of anti-money laundering. He also led compliance and AML programs at Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Salomon Brothers. As a member of the Security Industry and Financial Markets Association and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Horowitz is strong active advocate for the regulatory compliance of the Crypto FinTech industry. Hiring him as Coinbase’s Chief Compliance Officer will help lay the foundation for future endeavours.

Regulation of cryptocurrencies and its services will continue to evolve and grow globally. Coinbase is proactively following the market to keep ahead.  

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