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Coinbase Now Brings EOS Cryptocurrency Support for Retail Customers

By Jamie Green – Crypto Expert

Coinbase has now included EOS cryptocurrency support for their retail customers. The announcement for this support was made on May 30th through The Coinbase Blog and that it would be available for use at Coinbase’s official website, as well as its iOS and Android apps. This will enable customers to do what they want with their EOS cryptocurrency such as sending, receiving, storing or to buying and sell EOS.

But even though “most” jurisdictions under Coinbase can utilize this option, it isn’t yet included in for U.K. and US customers just yet. The company, however, promises to include more jurisdictions sometime later. You can already buy and sell EOS through our platform so check it out.

To those who are confused what EOS is, Coinbase has provided the following short statement explanation:

“EOS is a cryptocurrency designed to support large-scale decentralized applications. The protocol requires EOS to use resources like RAM, CPU, and network bandwidth. Coinbase goes on to explain that the network will award users that run the blockchain with new EOS. A user can cash out crypto earned via this or use it within the network. This is said to substitute inflation for transaction fees which many projects are utilising.

The inclusion of EOS comes right after Coinbase promised last year that it plans to include new cryptocurrencies, while also introducing a new crypto asset listing process. Any new projects would need to apply through this listing process to sell cryptocurrency through Coinbase’s platform.

In fact, back in December, Coinbase was already planning to include about 30 assets later on and one of them was EOS. This was due to a new policy in which brands had to reveal listings for the future, long before their launch.

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