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Collaboration between Clic Technology and Opporty to enable Ethereum purchases on Amazon

By Tyler Smith – Cryptocurrency Expert

CLIC Technology, Inc. is getting ready to launch a progressive browser extension by teaming up with B2B platform and blockchain infrastructure provider Opporty. This browser extension will revolutionise the e-commerce industry that will enable Amazon consumers to make purchases every day using the public, open-sourced, blockchain-based platform of Ethereum. Users will be able to buy Ethereum for spending on Amazon. This extension will also bring a contemporary cryptocurrency economy just a step closer to becoming a reality.

Conventional Ethereum-based platforms can handle about 20 transactions per second on average, which is way less than what is required for a functioning financial ecosystem. Amazon, on the other hand, can process about 300 transactions per second, which would make it incompatible with Ethereum.

But with the help of Opporty's Plasma Cash, CLIC Technology is now able to considerably speed up transaction speeds while at the same time reducing loads on the system. This means that it can process a larger number of transactions per second, possibly exceeding those of Mastercard and Visa. Users that buy and sell cryptocurrency will be overjoyed with the potential development.

Roman Bond, CEO of CLIC Technology, said, “Bringing cryptocurrency to the e-commerce marketplace is the merging of two next-generation industries.” Bond has expressed their excitement to work with Opporty on a few ambitious projects to bring the development to fruition.

As we speak, the two companies are planning to create payment platforms that process not only Ethereum but also Ethereum compatible standard tokens like ERC-20, ERC-721, which gives consumers plenty of possibilities to buy crypto for use in the e-commerce marketplace.

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