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Could OMG 'Go To The Moon'?

By Tyler S - Cryptocurrency Investor

Following its huge splurge in September, the cryptocurrency trading market is slowly regaining some traction. That being said, the next month brought positive news for the community. Despite the overall market volume dropping in comparison to a few weeks ago, at the time of publication, the 24-hour crypto market volume has inclined a bit since the drop to $99.58B. The current overall market volume is still down by 15%; however, some momentum within the last few hours suggests this value drop will not last long.

Traders holding Bitcoin (BTC) investments have recently found themselves overjoyed as the price to buy BTC has risen to $47,963 as of press time. Bitcoin isn't the only crypto asset showing a few green candles today; reportedly, several cryptocurrencies are seeing an upward trend. It may be too soon to speculate a crypto bull run and predict how the market will move due to the market's volatility.

One altcoin is currently experiencing a high market trend. According to coinmarketcap, the OMG Network (OMG) is on an upward climb, with the current price of $17.69, a 38% increase. The recent price increase in buying OMG Network is a significant achievement as the crypto asset is presently ranked 55 on the crypto coin tracking website. The price appears to have the potential to keep growing, with many hodlers waiting for the altcoin to reach the moon.

The community within the industry is a unique one. It only takes a glance at the social media platform Twitter to witness the volatile nature of crypto assets. Cryptocurrency has the power to bring joy to investors, yet it could do the opposite at the same moment.

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