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Crypterium Launches The World’s First Global Crypto Card

By Jamie Green – Crypto Specialist

Estonia-based financial technology startup Crypterium is set to introduce the first-ever crypto card that will be made available around the world.

Other crypto cards like the Coinbase Card, were only available to a handful of countries or regions. Recently, Coinbase announced that it would expand its services to six more European countries other than being available to UK owners. These other nations will be able to use the card for crypto buying.

Crypto cards, according to Crypterium, are believed to be the “easiest and fastest way for holders to access their digital currencies”. Though this may be the case, previous concerns regarding limitations to make it widely available were too great to make it a viable global crypto payment option.

Matías Lapuschin, Crypterium’s Senior Content Manager, said in an email to CoinDesk:

“By ‘global’ we mean that no matter where people are based, they can order and receive it in only three business days.” This is followed up on the company’s website which states that no matter where anyone is in the world, they can obtain a Crypterium Card and have it shipped over at their location to begin buying Bitcoin and crypto.

To ensure its potential, the firm has already tested the card’s payment services with over 5,000 Estonian clients who had pre-ordered it. Company representative Siranush Sharoyan told CoinDesk that the developers of the card also tested it during their travels around the world to cryptocurrency conferences; using it to trade Bitcoin to pay for services across America, Europe and Asia.

Users that may buy Litecoin or Ether will also be able to utilise this card. This confirms the touted claim of being able to use the card anywhere around the world.

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