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Crypto Chi Are Innovating the Future of Finance and Technology

Cryptocurrency Broker – Mark

In 2020, there was a constant flow of news regarding legacy finance, with large investment companies wanting to get into the digital assets industry. The action of buying Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are starting to be described as digital gold by some, while many institutions had sought out and felt the need to own and buy Bitcoin as it continues to grow in value. There is hope for an increase of understanding in the market as Bitcoin matures with more people appreciating and investing in Cryptocurrency.

Due to the dollar’s purchasing power significantly declining due to the pandemic, investors are searching for solutions to secure their investing momentum. Investors and consumers desire safe money, with Bitcoin investments and other Cryptocurrencies giving them the power and comfort they need as we head into 2021.

With an idea stated in an article written by William Noble, he describes a psychological named “Crypto-chi” after a Chinese philosophy regarding “chi.” He explains that life force energy lives and exists in everything. Noble makes this connection by saying how Crypto can enrich your finances as well as your health and that using Crypto can “reconnect people” and help them to control their financial lives and “channel their energy in positive ways”.

He goes on to explain his Crypto-chi concept with how investors can now think beyond Bitcoin and have a wide variety of Cryptocurrencies to invest in to help secure and protect their purchasing and investment power.

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