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Crypto Investors Wonder If VGX Will Hit $10 in 2021?

By Mark L - Cryptocurrency Professional - 18-08-2021

The Voyager coin, VGX, has been relatively bullish within the market lately, with many investors excited to see the cryptocurrency go further. The recent spark of excitement from cryptocurrency trading enthusiasts began when WGX had a bull run of its own, increasing in price from $4.4 to $6.04. With the sudden price increase and popularity from investors buying crypto coin VGX, there is now new speculation as to whether the price will increase further to $10 by the end of 2021.

That being said, despite many bullish views for VGX, there are equally as many price forecasts for the coin with quite a pessimistic outlook. The target prices predicted for Voyager currently stands at $3.28 by the end of the year. The VGX price predictions for 2021 are calculated not through blatant guessing or observation but with technical analysis. 

Before investing in cryptocurrency, one thing to consider is researching each crypto coin to determine whether or not it would be a reliable crypto market investment. When looking at the background history for the Voyager Token, Voyager is actually a cryptocurrency broker; the company's native token VGX, in particular, provides investors a safe and secure way to trade cryptocurrency online. 

The brokerage opened up the Voyager Token mobile app back in January 2019, allowing consumers to exchange cryptocurrency easily. The native token, is also used as an incentive to reward users of the company's ecosystem and many other benefits that come with using the app. 

Aside from Voyager making a remarkable price increase, it appears that the rest of the cryptocurrency market is also making a quick recovery in recent weeks. After experiencing some drastic market decline that began with the Chinese crackdown over the previous two months, the cryptocurrency market has either remained constant or slowly expanded ever since. 

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