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Cryptocurrency Is Now A New Payment Method, According to Digital Currency Advisor

By Harry B - Crypto Specialist - 30-07-2021


A FinCEN digital currency expert reportedly stated that cryptocurrency is a logical step in financial technology. The new adviser for the company, Michele Korver, feels crypto market investments are a way of exchanging value.

Michele Korver talks about how Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto investments 2021 are viewed as a more evolved payment method in an interview with Law360 this past week. Korver goes on to describe crypto-asset growth as a "natural evolution" as she talks about how technology in the finance industry continues to evolve and "value transfer will continue." Although her positive views on a growing financial industry, Korver also states that criminal activity will unfortunately still exist. 

After serving as digital currency counsel for the U.S. Department of Justice, Korver turned to FinCEN in early July. FinCEN is a U.S. Treasury Department office; its job is to analyse transaction data within the financial industry to prevent various money-based severe crimes such as money laundering and terrorism in finance.

Korver's current responsibilities include advising, Michael Mosier the FinCEN acting director, and AnnaLou Tirol, the deputy director, to combat criminal activity within the industry.

Korver has stated that the current series of criminal attacks targeting U.S. organizations and institutions have refocused politicians' attention on the cryptocurrency trading industry. Korver has said that she will further support FinCEN by helping them enforce the Bank Secrecy Act. The Bank Secrecy Act has relations to all digital currencies as well as blockchain technology.

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