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CYCE, Cryptocurrency VS Climate Change

By Kenny S - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast - 02-10-2021

After Elon Musk's tweet stated that he wants Bitcoin (BTC) investing to be environmentally friendly, the thought of investing in cryptocurrency and supporting climate change projects were two topics that would butt-heads. Since the slight downfall in the crypto industry due to assets not utilising renewable energy, many cryptocurrencies and miners are now looking to run more sustainably. Even a few assets promote and reward the use of renewable and sustainable energy sources such as Solarcoin.

Another crypto asset has taken to the market not only to promote sustainability but also to award it. CYCE is a cryptocurrency built on one of the largest blockchains, Ethereum (ETH). CYCE was created using ERC-20 standards within the Ether infrastructure. According to the cycecoin platform, CYCE was built to provide a solution for climate change and establish a "sustainable and positive environmental impact." With these plans, CYCE also aims to permanently affect the cryptocurrency trading industry to become much more environmentally friendly.

CYCE has a reward program to award 80% of its native cryptocurrency to businesses that run sustainably by using resources that are renewable. Furthermore, the project plans to support future facilities to "make them more valuable" as they form and grow over the next few decades. The 20% is said to support the plan to establish carbon-neutral Biomass Energy Plants. According to CYCE, the company hopes to wean the world by relying on unsustainable fuels. The long-term goal is to hope that future generations can see the advantages of a healthy planet.

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