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eBay introduces a new NFT collection with a sports theme

Gus – Cryptocurrency Expert

In conjunction with the green NFT marketplace OneOf, eBay has released its first NFT collection.

The NFT collection, dubbed "Genesis," will include animated 3D reconstructions of notable players featured in Sports Illustrated over the years, according to a Monday news release. Green, gold, platinum and diamond are the four tiers that make up the collection of 13 limited-edition NFTs.

Surprisingly, the NFT collection's first drop is already available for purchase on eBay. Wayne Gretzky, a Canadian hockey legend, is featured in the film. This is the first ever NFT collection for eBay and marks a historic event for both sports and collector aficionados, according to an eBay description of the drop. The collection is dedicated to the events in 1982. Gretzky is featured on the Sports Illustrated cover as the new NHL record holder for most goals in a season, following an extraordinary third consecutive MVP run. The former footballer expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative in a statement on the release. In a statement, Gretzky stated, "I'm pleased to deliver this unique experience to my hockey fans who have followed my career for decades."

The NFTs are "affordable for the everyday fan," according to eBay, with each piece costing only $10. The gold, platinum, and diamond levels of the drop had already sold out as of press time.

For a long time, eBay has been dabbling in the NFT market. The e-commerce business launched NFT sales on its platform in May 2021.

eBay has partnered with OneOf to make rare NFTs more accessible to a new generation of collectors across the world. This reinforces our commitment to the eBay community of buyers and sellers of high-passion, high-value commodities.

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