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Ellon Must Announced that He Will Participate in Dogecoin Community Space

David – Crypto Speculator 

  • The DogeFather is expected to join a communal Twitter space, which might pave the way for a bullish Christmas for DOGE

  • Musk tweeted “Things are rather intense right now, but maybe closer to Christmas”

According to a tweet from the billionaire yesterday, Elon Musk has expressed interest in attending a Dogecoin community space around Christmas.

The billionaire's appearance on a Twitter chat with the DOGE community to discuss memes and engage in direct communication with the community was asked by Sir Doge of the Coin (@dogeofficialceo). Sir Doge of the Coin described the Twitter environment as being ‘Nothing serious, purely fun’.

In response, underlining that things are heated right now, Musk, who has previously referred to himself as the DogeFather, expressed the hope that he could have a more positive response closer to Christmas.

Musk tweeted “Things are rather intense right now, but maybe closer to Christmas”.

Naturally, the Dogecoin community is enthusiastic, and many people are spreading the word. For instance, DOGE influencer Matt Wallace informed his over 779k followers’ minutes after Musk tweeted about his bet that DOGE would reach $1 in 2022.

Unusually, the announcement did not significantly increase the value of the doggy meme coin. It's important to note that whenever the Twitter CEO discusses the meme coin, the price typically responds favourably. Occasionally, the market responds even when he makes no mention of it because of rumours in the crypto space. For instance, DOGE increased by 6.7% when Musk suggested constructing an ‘alternative phone’ if forced to make a decision. Holders of DOGE believed that, should that be the case, DOGE would be integrated in some way.

However, it wouldn't be unexpected to see the price of the meme coin make one more positive bounce before the year is over given the likelihood that Musk may appear on a DOGE Twitter space.

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