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EOS Gears Up And Gets Ready For Major Upgrades

By Taylor - Crypto Retailer - 04-11-2021

In a new update, EOS (EOS) has announced that they will no longer be using the Block-one service. Reportedly, the blockchain protocol is planning major network upgrades to be carried out in the near future. EOS is regularly improving its network and ecosystem in order to stay ahead of the competition. In the industry of investing in cryptocurrency, many crypto businesses have to keep updating and creating new technologies on an ongoing basis.

EOS is an open-source, high-performing protocol backed by decentralised blockchain technology. According to EOS, they’re hoping to take the network to the next level in the blockchain industry. Reportedly, the CEO of the protocol company, Yves La Rose, had come forward to express that the company’s intentions are not to gain popularity or to please anyone. In fact, La Rose only intends on doing his “job,” which is to move forward, bring in new and innovative ideas and build them into reality.

To further the company’s progression in the world of buying and selling cryptocurrency, La Rose has publicly announced its intention to separate from technology guiding partner, Block.one. The CEO’s decision to break away from Block.one is due to the company being “fraudulent.” Furthermore, EOS has expressed that they no longer wish to partner with Block.one and fear in doing so would make them a conduit for Block.one’s scamming techniques. The announcement was a strong move for EOS and its community to position itself in a way so it can freely break off the collaboration.

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