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GALA Sees A 20% Increase And Is Now Leading The Metaverse Index Gains

By Kenny - Bitcoin Broker - 15-02-2022

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In recent news, Gala Gaming’s native cryptocurrency GALA has seen another great increase overnight. Reportedly, the cryptocurrency had surged 20% in less than a day, putting the GALA token in front of all significant metaverse crypto-assets. The price to buy GALA has increased greatly due to the company’s announcement to allocate $5 billion toward its NFT collections and future projects. In the announcement, Gala Gaming will be expanding its NFT sector by offering investors intellectual property rights and also theme park NFTs.

Although, the price for buying GALA crypto tokens didn’t rise just because of the latest announcement as Celebrity rapper Snoop Dogg had been chiming in. Reportedly, Snoop Dogg had recently signed a promotional contract with Gala Gaming. Snoop Dogg will be partnering with the decentralised gaming company to promote Loot Boxes that will also promote the celebrity’s latest album “B.O.D.R.” According to Gala Gaming, inside each loot box will be one of the 17 tracks available from Snoop Dogg’s album, and each song will have 1,470 NFTs available for purchase. Usually, Non-Fungible Tokens mean that the buyers will own the rights to the NFTs but holders of the new B.O.D.R tokens should remember they would not own any sort of IP rights.

The crypto market investment, GALA, is also seeing a price spike due to the company behind the token announcing this years Galaverse festival. According to Gala Gaming, Galaverse 2022 will be held in June in Copenhagen. In other news, GALA isn’t the only metaverse token seeing gains as Decentraland (MANA) as the price to buy MANA crypto tokens had risen by 11% within one day.

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