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Google Play Store Embraces NFT Games, Sets Guidelines Against Gambling

David - Bitcoin Specialist

In the latest cryptocurrency news, the Google Play Store has officially updated its policy to allow the inclusion of non fungible tokens games. This move signifies a significant development in the NFT market, as developers can now offer NFT coins and crypto-related content within their games on the Android platform. However, it is crucial to adhere to the store's guidelines, which prohibit gambling features. This article explores the implications of Google Play's policy update and the opportunities it presents for the NFT crypto gaming market.

NFT Games Welcome on Android:

Joseph Mills, the group product manager of Google Play, announced the policy update, allowing video game publishers to sell NFT games on the platform. Google Play aims to boost user loyalty through unique NFT rewards and enable developers to transact blockchain-based digital content within their apps and games.

Ensuring Transparency and Prohibiting Gambling:

To comply with Google Play's guidelines, developers must clearly state if their games offer NFTs or cryptocurrencies for sale or earning. The guidelines emphasize the importance of not glamorizing potential earnings or enabling gambling features. By adhering to these rules, game developers can leverage tokenized assets and user-owned content to enhance the gaming experience.

Engaging with the Industry:

Google Play has developed its guidelines in collaboration with leaders in Web3 gaming. By actively engaging with developers, Google Play seeks to understand the challenges and opportunities in the NFT market, fostering an ecosystem that supports innovation and growth.

Varying Stances on NFT Games:

While some platforms, such as Steam, have banned Web3 games, Google Play's policy update demonstrates its openness to NFT games on Android devices. In contrast, Epic Games has embraced NFTs and recently launched the NFT card game Gods Unchained in its store. These varied approaches reflect the ongoing discussions and differing perspectives within the gaming industry.

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