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Grayscale is Recruiting a Crypto ETF Team, saying the U.S. Will Quickly Follow Canada's Steps

Crypto Specialist - Harry

Canada has launched three Bitcoin (BTC) based exchange-traded funds (ETFs) within the last few weeks, and the United States could soon see a crypto ETF in the limelight soon. This is so likely to happen that Grayscale Investments – one of America's leading crypto-investing companies – is now recruiting an ETF team for the coming years.

Crypto-based ETF has been the target of several people interested in Cryptoassets environment over the last few years.

Many companies like Bitwise and Van Eck have tried hard to have the consent of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to unveil America's first Bitcoin ETF. All of them came reasonably close only to fail in the end.

Grayscale is now making a move and seeks to recruit as many as nine different individuals to serve in the company's crypto ETF department. All positions are advertised on LinkedIn, and the company is getting pretty serious given that it has no clearance yet.

Todd Rosenbluth, Director of ETF Research for CFRA Research, clarified in a latest interview that the competition to launch the first ETF Bitcoin is heating up.

Michael Sonneshein – Chief Executive Officer of Grayscale – is refusing to provide detailed descriptions of the company's activities and ETF plans, claiming that they are not in a position to include more information apart from the reality that they are continually pursuing new possibilities, such as the ETF, in response to consumer demand.

Either way, many experts and business leaders agree that the day of the U.S.-based Bitcoin or crypto ETF is just around the corner, and Grayscale seems to be looking to get a head start. Right now, the key positions posted on LinkedIn include ETF Market Maker Partnership Manager, ETF Finance Reporting Manager, ETF Finance Support Manager and ETF Development and Redemption Specialist.

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