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Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Crypto.com launches attractive competition for Bitcoin fanatics in September

By Max Steadman – Cryptocurrency Investor

On September 8 2020, nearly a year after the public beta launch, the Crypto.com Exchange is to exit its public beta. Crypto.com, after millions worth in transactions and trades, is releasing its cryptocurrency trading platform in all markets where the App is accessible.

50% off Bitcoin (BTC) on Crypto.com:

The event will begin at 6 am UTC on the Crypto.com Exchange on Tuesday 8th September 2020 in which users will have the ability to stake at least $5,000 Crypto.com Coin. In order to subscribe, users will need to have traded at least $5,000 worth in the previous month.

The total sale and subscription cost breakdown is:

1. Complete supply of BTC: $2 million worth of BTC

2. Rate of discount: 50%

3. Syndicate Allotment: the maximum amount of CRO available to each participant to spend on the event depends on the amount of CRO that they have staked by the exchange.

By adding a sum of CRO coin, not exceeding the respective allowable amount, Crypto.com users will be able to subscribe to BTC. In this case, the company staked CRO cannot be used for BTC's subscription.

In the past 30 days, users of the Crypto.com Exchange will need to have a trading volume reaching at least $5,000 USD in order to be eligible for the subscription.

The release said, "the last 30 days' trading volume will be measured at 00:50 am UTC daily.” With this in mind, “00:50 am UTC will be used to determine eligibility as of September 8, 2020."

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