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How High Can The Basic Attention Token Price Reach By The End Of This Year?

By Mark L - Cryptocurrency Dealer - 06-09-2021

We have witnessed crypto investments 2021 both skyrocket to unthinkable figures as well as crash far below anyone's comfort zone. Due to the prices for buying crypto hitting all-time highs followed immediately by shocking lows this year, this leaves some uncertainty when predicting future prices. 

In an article written by Ananthi Reeta from CoinQuora, they ran a technical analysis to discover whether or not the Basic Attention Token (BAT) can reach $3 by the end of the year. It's worth noting that Reeta explained that they were making their predictions based on technical analysis and nothing else within the article. 

The Basic Attention Token is a system that uses blockchain technology to help gain some knowledge about the media's consumers. The system collects data regarding the consumer's time and attention on websites while using Brave's web browser. 

Even though the world is gradually going back to normal in the second year of the Covid pandemic, 60% of the temporarily closed businesses have permanently shut their doors. However, millions of people have started their businesses thanks to the extended and multiple lockdowns that gave the world the freedom to try new things. 

So, the Basic Attention Token is gradually growing in popularity as it supports advertising in business. BAT aims to help the digital advertising industry and plans to take out the middlemen and outdated advertisements. By removing the unwanted elements within the advertising sector, content producers and publishers can scale their profits quickly.

Reeta shared many points that will help to determine whether BAT can hit $3 this year, with a prediction that the token is likely to remain bullish for the near future. On its current bullish streak, the price to buy crypto token BAT surged by 23% in the last few days. With the cryptocurrency's latest trend, there's a high possibility that it can even surpass its all-time high of $1.65. 

Reportedly, the analysts believe the token has potential and will likely reach $3 within the following year. They also mentioned that BAT could hit $3 much sooner if investors deem it to be a quality investment, much like buying Bitcoin (BTC).

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