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Incoming Cryptocurrency Trends for 2020

By Harry Biswell – Cryptocurrency Specialist

After a steady 2019, Cryptocurrency in 2020 is developing and reinventing a new community of participants. The speed at which acceptance and interest in cryptocurrency is increasing exponentially, leading many to expect this year in 2020 to be more defining for the digital currency space. In 2019, many companies, including Coinipop, entered the market. We also saw giant leaps in the blockchain technology itself, such as larger data management and encryption protocols. In 2020, many are expecting a tight focus on decentralization appreciation and overall, a positive impact on the cryptocurrency market.

Decentralized Finance

A contributing factor for many is certainly the expanding interest in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). DeFi projects now represent a value of over $650 million. It enables those investing in cryptocurrency to migrate many options that are not accessible on centralized trading platforms.

Ethereum 2.0

The Ethereum network is leading the front for decentralized blockchain projects. Ethereum 2.0 has passed its preliminary testing and we are likely to see it launch in 2020. Ethereum 2.0 will provide stability, protection for users and increase innovation possibilities.

Lightening Network

Lightening network is used on cryptocurrency networks. It has proved itself to be the most efficient and cost friendly tool for traders. It has enabled platforms such as Coinipop to deliver instant payments at low rates.

Regulatory Development

Digital assets have received much media and legislative attention in recent years. Recently, an American state passed 13 new laws permitting cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technologies.

Bitcoin investing and buying crypto are becoming more popular and a greater industry to reckon with. The year 2020 is predicted to be a pivotal year for the community and ecosystem.

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