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Interpol is Concerned to Tackle Cryptojacking

Ollie Hurst – Crypto Consultant

Interpol is currently in collaboration with the cyber-security firm Trend Micro to increase security for crypto traders and miners. The firm is tasked to work on the reduction of Cryptojacking. This is influencing the MikroTik routers all around South-East Asia, owned by individuals and firms that buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The astonishing fact is the reduction of affected devices by 78% after the collaboration took place.

None can appreciate the acts of Cryptojacking. The usual devices are affected by the attackers with the help of crypto mining malware, which attacks the equipment of those who buy and sell cryptocurrency. The victim’s resources or data is used in order to mine the cryptocurrency. Thus, the collaboration of Interpol and Trend Micro is very useful in clearing the affected mining malware.

The experts in correspondence with the police have identified and restored more than 20,000 affected routers, which makes around 78% of the devices suffering from Cryptojacking. A document named “Cryptojacking Mitigation and Prevention” was released with the latest details about affected devices. Moreover, it also describes how to use Trend Micro software for detecting and removing the malware.

Trend Mikro revealed that attackers mined Monero (XMR). These are the most common among coins to be mined easily by common CPUs. All MikroTik routers (featuring proprietary Router OS) were affected due to this vulnerability. The routers include a wide range of ARM-based CPUs, ranging from single-core 600 megahertz to 72 cores 1 gigahertz processors. As mentioned earlier, 20,000 affected devices can make them approximately $13,000 for a single month. This is shown by the CryptoCompare calculator.

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