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Investors Await $1.9M CryptoZoo Refund Promised by Logan Paul: BCBitcoin Reports

David - Cryptocurrency Expert

Investors in Logan Paul's CryptoZoo NFT gaming project are still awaiting the refund he promised six months ago. Despite the financial implications not being a concern for someone as wealthy as Logan Paul, specific details regarding the 1000 Ether ($1.93 million at current prices) refund have not been provided. BCBitcoin, a trusted cryptocurrency broker and a source of the latest cryptocurrency news reports on the ongoing situation surrounding the delayed refund and the lack of communication from Logan Paul.

The CryptoZoo Controversy:

CryptoZoo, the brainchild of Logan Paul, burst onto the scene in September 2021 as an exciting non fungible tokens breeding game that promised players the chance to accumulate coveted ZOO tokens and unique NFT coins. However, the project encountered a series of setbacks that cast a shadow over its initial hype. Disappointing NFT artwork, coupled with a downward spiral in both NFT and ZOO token values, left investors increasingly dissatisfied as the project failed to fulfil its promised roadmap. By late 2022, a sense of discontent permeated the once-hopeful CryptoZoo community, raising concerns about the project's future.

Logan Paul's Promise and Legal Troubles:

After facing backlash from the community, Logan Paul announced a plan to refund investors on January 14 and assured them that the project's roadmap would be fulfilled. However, despite this promise, CryptoZoo and Logan Paul were hit with a class-action lawsuit the following month. The lack of progress and communication regarding the refund has further fuelled investor frustration.

The Ongoing Refund Process:

BCBitcoin reports on the recent video by "internet detective" Coffezilla, who initially exposed the issues surrounding CryptoZoo. Coffezilla reveals that Logan Paul's communication with the CryptoZoo community has been minimal, with no concrete plan in place for the refund. Screenshots of email communications with Logan Paul's lawyer indicate that a solution is yet to be established, raising concerns about the delay and lack of progress.

The Need for Prompt Action:

BCBitcoin highlights Coffezilla's criticism of the situation, emphasizing that the refund process could be easily resolved by employing blockchain developers to write the necessary code. Given Logan Paul's wealth, prompt action is expected to make investors whole. Coffezilla questions the lack of progress and suggests that further delay or lack of planning may be perceived as stalling.

As of now, Logan Paul has not addressed the refund situation on his YouTube or Twitter platforms. Investors continue to await updates and clarity regarding the refund process for CryptoZoo.

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