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Investors Make Ripple Relisting Campaign Go Viral

By Ollie - Cryptocurrency Dealer - 04-11-2021

The fight against the SEC battles on while fans of Ripple XRP do their best to keep the coin growing and expanding. Lately, the XRP Army have been pushing for cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase, to relist XRP. The community behind Ripple have come together and collaborated to help make XRP more mainstream. One example of the community’s efforts is the trending hashtag “RelistXRP” on social media platform Twitter.

The XRP Army and their hard work resulted in the hashtag for Coinbase to start selling the token again has gone viral with plenty of positive responses on Twitter full of XRP and crypto supporters. Despite the lawsuit and the bad media coverage against XRP, the community have shown time and time again that they will continue to buy XRP and it will remain as their go-to crypto asset. The hardcore investors of the crypto market investment go as far to say that all significant cryptocurrency trading platforms should add and relist XRP, rather than just Coinbase.

Reportedly, many investors believe that because the SEC is gradually withdrawing from the lawsuit, XRP’s future is starting to look a little brighter. The XRP Army feels that if everything remains at the same pace and direction it’s currently moving toward, Popular exchanges will one-by-one reverse their decisions to delist Ripple. However, the long and on-going court case has yet to reach a final verdict, despite knowing this, investors are not discouraged. There’s a strong belief among the community that crypto platforms will start reselling XRP and Ripple’s adoption will significantly accelerate.

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