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Japan’s FSA May Look to Approve an Exchange Traded Fund After Rejecting Futures

By Jamie Green – Crypto Broker

Plans have been abandoned by Japan’s financial watchdog to permit listed by-products on cryptocurrencies, although approval of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) that follow the asset have been discussed to be likely as reported by Bloomberg. This could be a setback for investing in cryptocurrency if the decision is not to allow digital currencies to have these offshoots. The option of the ETF to reopen this possibility relates to the $500 million that was stolen a year ago from Coincheck Inc, based in Tokyo.

 Regulators voted against revisions to the nation’s security law last month according to a contact familiar with the Financial Services Agency (FSA). This would have allowed the future of these assets to be listed on major financial exchanges to buy and sell crypto, after their conclusion was the products would result in little apart from speculation.

 The FSA announced last month that it had decided to oversee the power of self-regulatory bodies, put initial coin offerings in the spotlight of its securities law and cap leverage which crypto brokers can offer. This position came after an internal investigation of why the FSA failed to stop the Coincheck theft.

According to exchange data, Japan’s decision to not pursue plans for crypto derivatives relates to Cboe Global Markets Inc. and CME Group Inc. listing futures tracking Bitcoin. They have attracted growth but limited interest from institutional investors. ETFs could help give crypto selling and buying more legitimacy for some investors and making it available to people that have a brokerage account.

Switzerland led the way with the first product called Amun Crypto Basket Index ETP which listed in November under HODL. It has since attracted $6 million and averages less than $1 million turnover daily. If an ETF was listed to the Japanese stock market it could entice much more interest to exchange Bitcoin.

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