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JEDSTAR Releases $KRED To Revolutionise The DeFi Industry

By Tayler - Bitcoin Investor - 04-11-2021

Bitcoins in hand

JEDSTAR, a Decentralised Ecosystem (DECO) operating with three separate tokens, has recently released a new crypto market investment. With the goal to improve the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) industry, JEDSTAR addresses the process of developing new blockchain projects that revolve around Game Finance (GameFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). The DECO company hopes to deliver value and revenue prospects to the DeFi, NFT, and GameFi business while also building the foundation to bring in global crypto adoption.

Ever since Bitcoin (BTC) was created back in 2009, and thus investing in cryptocurrency was born, many crypto fans have been waiting for the day when the majority of the world would own a crypto wallet. Despite the fact that it has already been over a decade now, only 4% of the world is currently holding crypto in their Coin Storage. However, the availability to utilise crypto in payment services is rare at best. Boosting global cryptocurrency adoption so that crypto can co-exist with fiat currencies is JEDSTAR's ultimate goal. JEDSTAR is hoping to pursue its goal by releasing $KRED this month.

According to JEDSTAR's team, trying to achieve global adoption through the typical finance route would find the crypto industry coming up against too many challenges that hinder growth. JEDSTAR compared cryptocurrency to the gaming industry and explained that the gaming industry is still seen as a new concept that is only just seeing massive growth in recent years. In comparison, 40% of the world are considered casual mobile gamers, this could be a great way to bring about global crypto adoption by introducing it into the gaming industry.

$KRED has multiple features that JEDSTAR is utilising to pave a path for crypto acceptance, some features include Currency as a Service (CaaS), Marketplace as a service, and incentives. $KRED will become the native cryptocurrency in all of JEDSTAR's GameFi creations, as well as $KRED will also power the native marketplace AGORA. Players of JEDSTAR's DeFi games will be able to earn $KRED each time they sell in-game items.

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