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Justin Sun Announces VTRX Listing on Deutsche Borse

By Harry B - Crypto Consultant - 21-09-2021

The CEO of TRON (TRX) has stated on twitter that investors will soon be able to buy TRON VTRX on Deutsche Borse. Reportedly, on September 21, VTRX will be listed on the German marketplace. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, announced that VTRX will be made available on Deutsche Borse, showcasing TRON's next milestone as it enters the largest stock exchange in Europe.

According to Sun, TRON has already received the go-ahead from the German stock company as VanEck TRON ETN releases VTRX onto the marketplace platform. Reportedly, VTRX will be available in 14 European countries as of September 21; some countries include Zurich, Paris, and Amsterdam.

TRON is a Decentralised Finance (DeFi) project and open source blockchain with the aim to build a decentralised internet. The network has a native cryptocurrency dubbed TRX. Investors often buy TRX because there are no transaction fees to purchase the asset and can support 2000 transactions per second. 

Deutsche Borse has steadily built a high reputation within the crypto industry for selling digital assets. By listing VTRX, it proves that TRON has created a robust ecosystem. VanEck is also a name backed with a good reputation in the cryptocurrency trading industry. Reportedly, VanEck is known for being one of the very first asset managers that reports to the Securities exchange commission to create a Bitcoin (BTC) ETF. Before TRON (VTRX), VanEck established the first Bitcoin ETN (VBTC).

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