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Kaspersky Has Released a Survey Revealing Cryptocurrency Adoption

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Expert

A leader in cyber security, Kaspersky Labs, has released survey results for 2018 comparing cryptocurrency adoption over the past six years. The money report depicts an increase of over 700% in merchants accepting Bitcoin as payment. This suggests more reasons to buy crypto for daily purchases.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have still not reached mainstream adoption but have still reached a large volume with approximately 13% of the world population having used it for an e-commerce purchase online. These users would need to buy Ethereum or crypto prior to using it online; suggesting they are familiar with the technology.

Although 13% of the world’s population have used cryptocurrency for an online purchase, 81% of the participants preferred using bank-issued debit or credit cards. It seems people are willing to buy cryptocurrency and get involved with the new technology, but still have concerns which traditional banking can alleviate.

The report goes on to detail that more online retailers are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies. Six year ago, only 1,789 merchants commercially accepted Bitcoin. We now see over 14,346 businesses and venues accepting Bitcoin as payment, an increase of more than 702%. If people continue buying crypto for purchasing at this rate, we could see widescale adoption not too far in the future.

It’s not just the online retailers that are increasing adoption. Some high-end restaurants and high-street shops are starting to accept cryptocurrency for payment, increasing the incentive to buy XRP or Bitcoin. We could potentially see more popular retailers accepting cryptocurrency for payment very soon as adoption continues.

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