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Know What's Inside El Salvador's Bitcoin-Funded Veterinary Hospital

By CJ - Bitcoin Specialist 08-07-2022

  • El Salvador's first public and Bitcoin-funded veterinary facility is inaugurated by President Nayib Bukele
  • On February 26, Chivo Pets will open its doors to patients for the first time
  • The facility has equipment that has never been utilized before in the country

El Salvador opened its first public veterinary hospital, which was partially funded by Bitcoin investments. The facility, which is set to debut on February 26, will feature "never before utilized" equipment.

President Nayib Bukele used Bitcoin crypto market investments gains to open Chivo Pets, the region's first public animal veterinary hospital, on February 23. This was announced on the president's Twitter account and was aired live across other social media sites. El Salvadorans were able to see the opening on cable television. Chivo Pets provided the public a sneak peek into what they may expect from the facility via its official Twitter page:

A large pet play area, pharmacy, rehabilitation center and medical staff quarters, amongst other facilities are available at the site. The new veterinary hospital has a staff that has been "educated in the region" and is knowledgeable with high-tech medical equipment that has never been utilized in the nation.

Citizens will just have to pay "$0.25 paid with any digital wallet" to use the facility's services. For persons "who do not have the financial capacity to pay for a private veterinarian," the public hospital offers to charge the same fee.

Bukele originally revealed the proposal in a series of tweets last year, claiming that the project will be funded using $4 million left over from the crypto fund since trusted Bitcoin became legal cash. A video of the facility's 3D model was included in the tweet.

Following that, construction began, however the planned intention to open the facility on February 19th was shelved due to a lack of clarity.

Friends of the furry ones, on the other hand, may anticipate more from the public veterinary facility once it opens on Saturday.

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