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LABEL Foundation (LBL) is listed on a major Korean stock exchange

Ed D - Crypto Investor 11-07-2022

Label Foundation (LBL), a blockchain-based global education content incubation platform, has been listed on Coinone, a South Korean market.

The Label Foundation has reached a significant milestone

Given the present legislative situation in Korea, this is a significant development for LABEL Foundation. Due to the tight crypto legislation in South Korea, listing on cryptocurrency exchange platforms has become difficult.

Furthermore, high levels of inspection from local financial authorities have resulted in the closure of exchanges that fail to meet the required regulatory criteria. As a result, the crypto market has been limited to only the top exchanges that can comply with the new laws.

Coinone is one of South Korea's four main digital asset marketplaces. This gives the LABEL Foundation the tools it needs to grow its ecosystem. In addition, on its spot market trading platform, the exchange will feature LBL trading pairings with KRW (South Korean currency).

Users will be able to acquire LBL tokens using their native currency in South Korea, which is one of the world's largest markets (KRW). LBL token holders will also be able to deposit their tokens and trade them on the highly liquid exchange platform for a seamless experience.

A Groundbreaking Blockchain Platform

The LABEL Foundation is based on Ethereum and has a one-of-a-kind incubation mechanism that allows course designers and teachers to obtain money. People investing in Cryptocurrency can fund initiatives in exchange for benefits at the same time. The whole incubation process is built on a decentralized voting system in which people vote on whatever courses they want to support. If the course is chosen, it will be funded by investors who will be given a share in an NFT.

They can then choose to keep their shares and profit from course sales, or they can liquidate their shares for other crypto or digital assets on approved markets.

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