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Leaked Images for Samsung’s Galaxy Suggest Expectations for Crypto Wallet

By Luke Flowers – Crypto Speculator

With more buying crypto, the crypto enthusiasts are hoping the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone will feature a cryptocurrency wallet along with other features such as 5G connectivity and up to six cameras. The new leaked images of the Galaxy S10 device has been posted on social media showing crypto functionality.

Under the phone’s menu appears “Samsung Blockchain Keystore” and has been labelled as “a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.” Customers will have the opportunity to “secure and manage” their “blockchain private key.” There are other features to improve security like a biometric authenticator. The user will be able to import an existing crypto wallet or create a new one making Bitcoin investing easier and safer.

This isn’t the first blockchain smartphone to reach the market, HTC launched Exodus in October 2018 and Sirin Labs opened the world’s first blockchain smartphone store in London in January 2019. Having these crypto features on a phone are encouraging more people to buy Bitcoin. The Galaxy S10’s built in wallet is likely to store many digital coins under “Supported Cryptocurrencies” with Ethereum being shown on the example picture.

The release is scheduled for 20th February 2019 for the Galaxy S’s 10th anniversary. Three models are to be available that include the regular S10, S10 Lite and S10+. There were rumours in December 2018 that Samsung were working on an application for cold storage for digital assets and a hot wallet for crypto transactions.

Last month a report explained that the corporation had trademarked “Samsung Crypto Wallet” which reignited the speculation of crypto features that may encourage further crypto buying and selling. IT consultant and security expert Joel Snyder has suggested that mobile devices are more appropriate for digital asset storing as they apply Trusted Execution Environments, which has separate memory and storage, keeping it isolated from the rest of the phone.

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