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Limited-Edition Digital Collectibles 0xmons (XMON) Are Available On The Ethereum Network

By Ollie H - Cryptocurrency Broker - 03-10-2021

Selling crypto art pieces has become the latest investable trend that allows artists to profit from their work easily. In recent months, investors have been selling, trading, and buying crypto collectible art pieces to the masses. The NFT market also enables artists to continue earning money on their NFTs each time a collector sells them on

Recently, a new art collectible is available for purchase on the Ethereum network. Oxmons (XMON) is an NFT collection built on the Ethereum blockchain system and is designed after beloved games such as Pokemon, SCP, and Lovecraft. Reportedly, the images of the collectibles are of creatures, and it’s said that they are coded to live as long as the Ether platform exists. The shelf life means that the creature's names, epithet, and animation will potentially last for a very long time.

Aside from being minted on the Ethereum platform, Oxmons is reportedly larger than it appears. The NFTs are a valuable asset within an ecosystem alongside XMON, ERC20 token, and Sudoswap. Traders who invest in cryptocurrency XMON can stake it on the outcome of the NFT collection sale.

In other news, Oxmons launched a new platform in the second quarter of this year dubbed zkNFT, with a consensus of proof-of-concept. According to sources, the platform is in alpha and is reported to support ERC20 tokens as wells as the rest of its ecosystem with NFTs and asset exchanges. The platform's beta will be made available in the later months of this year.

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