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Litecoin Announces Push to Permit Donations Via Mining Earnings for Foundation

By Tyler Smith – Cryptocurrency Investor

The Litecoin Pool is one of the most important mining pools for the Litecoin cryptocurrency. Users have always been able to buy Litecoin and donate to the foundation behind the project, but now The Litecoin Pool is incorporating a new setting that makes it easy for miners to show some help through donations too.

It was detailed in a tweet that the founder and managing director of the Litecoin Foundation, Charlie Lee, announced that there is now another part of the mining pool that will allow miners to send a gift that is directly linked to the Litecoin Foundation.

The reason for the gifts is to help the creation of the Litecoin Development Fund and, as Lee suggests, some miners are already donating part of their block rewards though this feature. This is automated as opposed to needing to buy Litecoin to donate to the foundation.

The Litecoin Pool is the second largest mining pool at this time. By drawing on the miners to provide for the company, the Litecoin Foundation seeks significantly more assets to advance new work and assist existing customers with greater functionality. However, it is not yet clear whether a similar utility will be offered for mining at different facilities and could be one of the only pools to offer the service at first.

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