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Microsoft, Ethereum Foundation and Salesforce Join Hyperledger

By Jamie Green – Crypto Dealer

Microsoft, the Ethereum Foundation and Salesforce become one of the many leading companies to join enterprise blockchain platform Hyperledger. Brian Behlendorf, the company's executive director, confirmed this news to Cointelegraph before their upcoming public unveiling at the current London conference ‘Synchronize Europe’ on June 18th.

As part of Hyperledger's new update for new members, Behlendorf said that June's rollout includes the Ethereum Foundation as a nonprofit member. The foundation is not trying to encourage more to buy cryptocurrency for themselves to benefit but for the development of the industry.

The conference will be hosted by the Linux Foundation with participants including JPMorgan Chase, IBM, Deutsche Boerse and more. These are large organisations showing endorsement of the project and technology which could help induce crypto buying.

Behlendorf has stated to Cointelegraph that Microsoft currently offers the Hyperledger Fabric as a service on Azure and suggests they are seeking to strengthen this relationship. Furthermore, Behlendorf said that Salesforce was also joining after the release of its software-as-a-service product built on Hyperledger just late last month. Many of these businesses start developing on the Hyperledger Fabric later to join the consortium.

He continued to say that the company had partnered up with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, making it a natural step for the Ethereum Foundation to join as part of their plans in becoming the biggest and most diverse Altcoin in the community. This community could help further buying Bitcoin and crypto through the partnership and endorsement from big names.

Behlendorf finally finished off by saying:

“What we’re hoping to do is really tap into the creative energy and developer passion that’s in the Ethereum community”. You can buy Ethereum to use on some of the most diverse projects and applications. The Hyperledger Fabric project is still figuring out the full spectrum from permissioned to un-permissioned blockchains and the potential role they could play.

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