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Morgan Stanley and Their Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Investments

By Max S - Cryptocurrency Speculator - 26-08-2021

The latest news for investing in cryptocurrency, the Morgan Stanley Fund reportedly holds over 1 million Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, recently making the firm a large sum of money.

The GBTC is a crypto market investment that traders can use, purchase and sell from their wallets. The asset began registering its shares with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) back in January 2020; the Trust became the first crypto investment to become a SEC reporting company. The reason for the GBTC achieving the status as a reporting company is because it allows anyone who has shares in the Trust to access early-bird opportunities for liquidity.

Reportedly, as stated within SEC filings, the Morgan Stanley Fund companies own a significant amount of GBTC within its portfolio. According to the SEC, Morgan Stanley owns the largest amount of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares with around 928,051 GBTC in its investment collection. The companies entire share stock is roughly valued at $36 million. Market analyst MacroScope has further confirmed that the Morgan Stanley Institutions does own the largest about of GBTC stock.

GBTC is found in several funds all owned by the same institution. A few funds to mention are the Morgan Stanley Variable Insurance Fund, the Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund Inc, and Morgan Stanley Institutional Trust; these funds are part of many chains that own a portion of GBTC.

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