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New Crypto Decentralised Network Architecture invites DApps Geared at VTubers and gamers

By Ollie H - Cryptocurrency Broker - 14-07-2021


A TimeCoinProtocol crypto project has been released! A new decentralised platform for gamers to meet and interact with people globally, which aims to bring together the next generation of Virtual Tubers (VTubers) is live.

A decentralised crypto platform and sharing economy protocol, known as TimeCoinProtocol, has added two new crypto projects to its growing ecosystem. TimeCoinProtocol provides an online environment where users create and build DApps that are designed to allow people to interact with one another. While the team execute this project, the platform continues to work on releasing services that capitalise on current trends.

One out of two of the projects is GameTomodachi, which allows avid gamers to communicate with new players who share the same interest. It will also enable participants to interact and play alongside with prominent YouTubers, VTubers, and talented esports professionals.

While gamers play, they can talk and build relationships with one another. Influencers, Vtubers, and other online popular screen stars can sell tickets and monetise a wide variety of digital content, including their very own time with fans, images, videos and music and issue NFT (nonfungible token) material in line with the ongoing trend.

The company has now created NeoRad, a new VTuber production that promises to enhace the online entertainment experience through integration with digital art. NeoRad's mission is to assist content producers in establishing their online presence and community, through support of vital milestones.  

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