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This year the last week of January appeared as a golden period for crypto thanks to the leaders of the world. It consisted of President Donald Trump, Prince Charles and many other well-known VIPs publicly acknowledging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, says Coin Fi. They all gathered to attend the World Economic Forum that took place in Davos, Switzerland. In this session, the WEF stated its resolution about forming a global consortium for governing digital currencies including stablecoins. Within in an hour, this news brought an increase in the price of Bitcoin from $8,200 up to $8,455 as investors were buying and selling Bitcoin.

Furthermore, it was decided that the consortium will be inclusive of a variety of traditional financial institutions, economists, academics, members of different forums and communities, and global governmental agencies. Regardless of the main objectives of the consortium, it has a focus on initiating the digital assets as an element of the normal financial ecosystem. However, implementation requires a regulatory body having transparency with the assistance of both public and private sectors.

Keeping the WEF 2019 in consideration, cryptocurrencies have never received positive response from prestigious personalities before. It appears as we move forward, their point of view and opinion on technology and cryptocurrencies is changing.

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