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NFT Curator and Metaverse with DHVC, Overeality closes a $5 million round

Overeality, the curated metaverse and NFT community, is pleased to announce the completion of their most recent private fundraising round, which included a $5 million investment from DHVC, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital company. DHVC also brings its blockchain expertise to the table to help the team strategize. The public token sale for Overeality is set to start in Q1 2021, along with celebrity and athletic sponsorships. Much like the emergence of DeFi services, NFTs and metaverse orientated projects are generating new vehicles to trade crypto.

The funds will be used for research and development, team development, and the fostering of critical strategic alliances, all of which will be publicised before the public offering. A professional athlete and an A-list actor with global fan bases are among the first pairings.

Polaris Sports, a pioneer in the representation of athlete image rights, has established a collaboration with Overeality. Polaris Sports has worked with some of the world's most prominent sports celebrities for over 15 years, and brings professional athletes, resources, and celebrity management strategies to Overeality.

"We’re turning fans into investors and changing their lives. Along the way, every decision we make is governed by our community" stated Samuel Pearton, Overeality's COO. "Coming from an artist background, this is something I’ve always dreamed of, but never thought could be a reality."

Overeality's metaverse community brings people together by removing one of the most significant obstacles to entry for many users: the requirement to "go all in'' with a single pricey NFT purchase. Fractional NFTs from Overeality eliminate a key barrier, allowing users to join new communities and use new tokens.

Overeality is a community that uses a new type of crypto market investment that appeals to those who buy altcoins. The social token regulated by DAO technology to bring people together. Our chance is to build a metaverse that is focused, curated, accessible, and driven by people—all of whom have a say, a stake in the outcome, and a stake in the future. We'll break through the mainstream with emotive narrative and human communication, as well as real NFTs with some of the world's biggest celebrities, GameFi experiences, and events for our growing global community of individuals who are empowered to shape the future like never before.

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